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Video tapes and DVDs

The following is my current list of videotapes and DVDs I no longer need/want. These tapes were recorded off cable or I traded for them. The picture quality varies. All are NTSC Region 1.

Tapes are $1 each plus postage, depending on how many tapes you buy at one time.

Tape 6
Recorded off Mtv
My So-Called Life "01 My So-Called Life (Pilot)"
My So-Called Life "02 Dancing in the Dark"
My So-Called Life "03 Guns and Gossip"
My So-Called Life "04 Father Figures"
My So-Called Life "05 The Zit"
My So-Called Life "06 The Substitute"
My So-Called Life "07 Why Jordan Can't Read" (incomplete)

Tape 7
Recorded off Mtv
My So-Called Life "07 Why Jordan Can't Read" (the rest)
My So-Called Life "08 Strangers in the House"
My So-Called Life "09 Halloween"
My So-Called Life "10 Other People's Mothers/Daughters"
My So-Called Life "11 Life of Brian"
My So-Called Life "12 Self-Esteem"
My So-Called Life "13 Pressure"
My So-Called Life "14 On the Wagon"
My So-Called Life "15 So-Called Angel" (incomplete)

Tape 8
Recorded off Mtv
My So-Called Life "15 So-Called Angel" (the rest)
My So-Called Life "16 Resolutions"
My So-Called Life "17 Betrayal"
My So-Called Life "18 Weekend"
My So-Called Life "19 In Dreams Begin Responsibilities"
Copycat movie, recorded from movie channel

Tape 75
Nightmare on Elm Street III movie
The Exorcist (original, no extended scenes)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre II movie

Tape 81
Xena: Warrior Princess "Callisto"
Xena: Warrior Princess "A Fistful of Dinars"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Warrior… Princess"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Death Mask"
Xena: Warrior Princess "The Prodigal"
Xena: Warrior Princess "The Royal Couple of Thieves"
Xena: Warrior Princess "The Path Not Taken"

Tape 82
Xena: Warrior Princess "Warrior... Princess... Tramp"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Intimate Stranger"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Ten Little Warlords"
Xena: Warrior Princess "A Solstice Carol"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Xena: Warrior Princess "The Xena Scrolls"

Tape 85
Xena: Warrior Princess "Altared States"
Xena: Warrior Princess "The Greater Good"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Sins of the Past"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Orphan of War"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Remember Nothing"
Xena: Warrior Princess "David vs. Goliath"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Return of Callisto"

Tape 128
Xena: Warrior Princess "Mortal Beloved"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Prometheus"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Chariots of War"
Xena: Warrior Princess "The Titans"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Is There a Doctor in the House?"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Hooves and Harlots"
Xena: Warrior Princess "Ties that Bind"

Tape 134
Scream widescreen, movie

Tape 135
Scream full screen, movie

Tape 211
Sailor Moon R: The Movie, fansubbed

Tape 220
Degrassi Junior High 204-207
"Season's Greetings," "Loves Me Loves Me Not," "He Ain't Heavy," "The Whole Truth"

Tape 231
School's Out: A Degrassi High Movie

Tape 235
Degrassi Junior High "203 A Big Girl Now"
Degrassi High "304 Dream On"
Degrassi High "306 Nobody's Perfect"
Degrassi Junior High "125 He's Back"
Degrassi Junior High "122 Dog Days"
Degrassi Junior High "115 A Helping Hand"
Degrassi Junior High "120 Bottled Up"
Degrassi Junior High "123 Censored"
Degrassi Junior High "114 Eggbert"
Degrassi Junior High "110 Smokescreen"
Degrassi Junior High "112 Parent's Night"
Degrassi Junior High "109 What a Night!"

Tape 236
Degrassi High "307 Just Friends"
Degrassi High "308 Little White Lies"
Degrassi High "310 Sixteen Pt. II"
Degrassi High "309 Sixteen Pt. I"
Degrassi High "313 Testing 1, 2, 3"
Degrassi High "314 It Creeps!"
Degrassi High "315 Stressed Out"
Degrassi Junior High "101 Kiss Me Steph"
Degrassi Junior High "102 The Big Dance"
Degrassi Junior High "103 The Experiment"
Degrassi Junior High "104 The Cover-Up"
Degrassi Junior High "105 The Great Race"
Degrassi Junior High "106 Rumor Has It"
Degrassi Junior High "107 Best Laid Plans"
Degrassi Junior High "108 Nothing to Fear"
Degrassi Junior High "201 Can't Live With 'Em"
Degrassi Junior High "202 Can't Live With 'Em"

Tape 238
Degrassi: Between Takes
Degrassi Junior High "118 Stagefright"
Degrassi Junior High "119 Fight!"
Degrassi Junior High "121 Sealed With a Kiss"
Degrassi Junior High "124 Trust Me"
Degrassi Junior High "126 Pass Tense"
Degrassi Junior High "211 Taking Off Pt. I"
Degrassi High "311 All in a Good Cause"
Degrassi Junior High "121 Sealed With a Kiss"

Tape 247
The Haunting, movie (1999)

Tape 331
Land of the Lost
"01 Cha-ka" "02 The Sleestak God" "04 Downstream" "05 Tag Team"

Tape 332
Land of the Lost
"11 The Search" "10 The Paku Who Came to Dinner" "07 Album" "09 The Hole"

Tape 333
Land of the Lost
"14 Stone Soup" "12 The Possession" "13 Follow That Dinosaur" "27 Babysitter"

Tape 334
Land of the Lost
"15 Elsewhen" "16 Hurricane" "17 Circle" "18 Tar Pit"

Tape 335
Land of the Lost
"19 The Zarn" "20 Fair Trade" "21 One of Our Pylons is Missing" "22 The Test"

Tape 336
Land of the Lost
"23 Gravity Storm" "24 The Longest Day" "25 Pylon Express" "26 A Nice Day"

Tape 337
Land of the Lost
"28 Musician" "29 Split Personality" "30 Blackout" "38 Hot Air Artist"

Tape 338
Land of the Lost
"31 Aftershock" "34 The Repairman" "32 Survival Kit" "35 The Medusa"

Tape 339
Land of the Lost
"39 Abominable Snowman" "37 Flying Dutchman" "38 Hot Air Artist" "33 The Orb"

Tape 340
Land of the Lost
"41 Ancient Guardian" "43 Medicine Man" "36 Cornered" "42 Scarab" "40 Time Stop"

Tape 348
Recorded off the Family Channel
Bugaloos, The "09 Now You See Them, Now You Don't"
Lidsville "09 Mark and the Beanstalk"
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters "09 The Curfew Shall Ring Tonight"
H. R. Pufnstuf "09 You Can't Have Your Cake"
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters "10 Sweet Mama Redecorates"
H. R. Pufnstuf "10 Horse With the Golden Throat"
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters "11 Make Room for Big Daddy"
H. R. Pufnstuf "11 Dinner for Two"
Bugaloos, The "10 Help Wanted, Firefly"
Lidsville "10 Turn in Your Turban, You're Through"
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters "12 It's Your Move"
H. R. Pufnstuf "12 Book, Flute, and Candle"

Tape 376
Land of the Lost
"The Hole," "The Possession," "Follow that Dinosaur," "Stone Soup," and "Fair Trade"

Tape 377
Land of the Lost
"Gravity Storm," "The Longest Day," "One of Our Pylons is Missing," "Tar Pit," and "A Nice Day"

Tape 378
Land of the Lost
"Babysitter," "The Test," "Blackout," "The Pylon Express," and "Musician"

Tape 394
Land of the Lost
"The Paku Who Came to Dinner," "Album," "Hurricane," and "Dopey"

Tape 395
Lidsville "02 Show Me the Way to Go Home"
Land of the Lost "03 Dopey," "05 Tag Team," "06 The Search"

Tape 445
Sailor Moon dubbed "Gramps in a Pickle"
Sailor Moon "Trouble Comes Thundering Down"
Sailor Moon "A Charmed Life"
Sailor Moon "A Curried Favor"
Xena Lucy Lawless on "Conan o'Brien"
Sailor Moon "Enemies No More"
Sailor Moon "Checkmate"
Sailor Moon "Sibling Rivalry"
Gilligan's Island "065 The Friendly Physician" (Shown during a N@N "Survivor's Guide" marathon where jokes are popped up over the episode every once in a while)
Gilligan's Island "085 Court Martial" (Survivor Guide)
Gilligan's Island "047 The Chain of Command" (Survivor Guide)
Gilligan's Island "083 Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho" (Survivor Guide)
I Love Lucy "123 In Palm Springs"
Gilligan's Island "041 The Sweepstakes" (Survivor Guide)

Tape 449
The Toolbox Murders, movie

Tape 464
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 "601 Girl's Town"

Tape 469
Shazam! 5 episodes

Tape 470
Shazam! 5 episodes

Tape 476
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 "Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders"

Tape 484
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 "908 The Touch of Satan"
I Love Lucy "069 Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress"
I Love Lucy "071 Baby Pictures"
I Love Lucy "072 Lucy Tells the Truth"

Tape 496
Fushigi Yuugi volumes 5-6 episodes 14-19 subtitled
Record of Lodoss War volume 6
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight volume 1 episodes 1-3 subbed
Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes 5-7 subbed
I Love Lucy "076 Changing the Boys' Wardrobe"

Tape 538
Little House on the Prairie "Harriet's Happenings"
Little House on the Prairie "Fagin"
Little House on the Prairie "Second Spring"
Little House on the Prairie "Sweet Sixteen"
Little House on the Prairie "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Part 1-2"

Tape 544
Little House on the Prairie "The Older Brothers"
Little House on the Prairie "Rage"
Little House on the Prairie "The Wild Boy Part 1-2"
Little House on the Prairie "The Return of Nellie"
Little House on the Prairie "The Empire Builders"

Tape 557
The Simpsons "Bart, The Mother" all recorded in syndication
The Simpsons "A Milhouse Divided"
The Simpsons "Homer vs. the 18th Amendment"
The Simpsons "Wild Barts Can't Be Broken"
The Simpsons "Homer the Heretic"
The Simpsons "Marge Simpson in: Screaming Yellow Honkers"
The Simpsons "The Joy of Sect"
Murder in Small Town X Episode 6
The Simpsons "$pringfield"
Some incomplete Simpsons episodes were not listed.

Tape 584
Little House on the Prairie "Laura Ingalls Wilder Part 1-2"
Little House on the Prairie "To See the Light Part 1-2"
Little House on the Prairie "Oleson vs. Oleson"
Little House on the Prairie "Come Let Us Reason Together"

Tape 614
Love Hina episodes 1-9 fansubbed
Ayashi No Ceres volume 1 episodes 1-4 fansub
Magical Project S volume 2 episodes 5-7 subtitled

Tape 637
Anazukin Chacha volumes 4-7 episodes 13-26 fansubtitled

Tape 638
Anazukin Chacha volumes 8-11 episodes 27-40 fansub

Tape 639
Anazukin Chacha volumes 12-part of 15 episodes 41-54 fansub

Tape 640
Anazukin Chacha volumes rest of 15-18 episodes 55-68 fansub

Tape 663
You're Under Arrest OVA 1-4 dubbed
You're Under Arrest tv episodes 5-13 fansub

Tape 664
You're Under Arrest tv episodes 14, 21-22
You're Under Arrest Specials 1.1-6.0
You're Under Arrest The Movie

Tape 706
Parker Lewis Can't Lose episodes 1-5
"Pilot," "Operation Kubiac," "Power Play," "Parker Lewis Must Lose," "Close But No Guitar"

Tape 707
Parker Lewis Can't Lose episodes 6-10
"GAG Dance," "Love's a Beast," "Saving Grace," "Musso and Frank," "Deja Dudes"

Tape 708
Parker Lewis Can't Lose episodes 11-15
"Radio Free Flamingo," "Science Fair," "Teacher Teacher," "Rent-A-Kube," "Heather the Class"

Tape 709
Parker Lewis Can't Lose episodes 16-20
"Jerry: Portrait of a Video Junkie," "Splendor in the Class," "The Human Grace," "Citizen Kube," "Randall Without a Cause"

Tape 711
Parker Lewis Can't Lose episodes 26-30
"Parker Lewis Can't Win," Behind the Scenes, "Father Knows Less," "A Walk on the Dark Side," "Full Mental Jacket," "Future Shock"

Tape 712
Parker Lewis Can't Lose episodes 31-35
"The Undergraduate," "Stormy Mikey," "Fat Boy and Little Man," "Aging Gracefully," "The Parker Chronicles"

Tape 713
Parker Lewis Can't Lose episodes 36-40
"Rock n' Roles," "Love Handles," "Boy Meets Girl," "Raging Kube," "Tower of Power"

Tape 714
Parker Lewis Can't Lose episodes 41-42, 44-46
"Obscene and Not Heard," "Goodbye Mr. Rips," "Glory Daze," "Boy Meets Girl 2," "Dance of Romance"

Tape 715
Parker Lewis Can't Lose episodes 47-51
"When Jerry Met Shelly," "Geek Tragedy," "Money Talks," "Home Alone With Annie," "Diner '75"

Tape 717
Parker Lewis episodes 58-60, 62-63
"Beauty and the Kube," "Hungry Heart," "Lewis and Son," "Parker's Got a Brand New Car," "An Unmarried Musso"

Tape 718
Parker Lewis episodes 64-66, 71-72
"Educating Brad," "Love Bug," "Write or Die," "Senior Jerry," "Rocky Kohler Picture Show"

Tape 719
Parker Lewis episode 73 "The Last Supper"
The Banana Splits eps 1-4

Tape 720
The Banana Splits eps 5-9

Tape 721
The Banana Splits eps 10-14

Tape 723
The Banana Splits eps 20-24

Tape 726
The Banana Splits eps 35-36
The Krofft Superstars, with the Bay City Rollers 9/9/78

Tape 737
Stryper: The Videos
Michael Sweet at the Christian Light Bookstore, Dayton, OH 5/14/94 30 min.

Tape 743
Gilligan's Planet 5 episodes

Tape 798
Gilligan's Island "Pilot"
Gilligan's Island "Two on a Raft"
Gilligan's Island "Home Sweet Hut"
Gilligan's Island "Voodoo Something to Me"
Gilligan's Island "Goodnight Sweet Skipper"

Tape 799
Gilligan's Island "Wrongway Feldman"
Gilligan's Island "Birds Gotta Fly"
Gilligan's Island "Water Water Everywhere"
Gilligan's Island "Plant You Now..."
Gilligan's Island "Little Island, Big Gun"

Tape 800
Gilligan's Island "X Marks the Spot"
Gilligan's Island "The Matchmaker"
Gilligan's Island "Music Hath Charms"
Gilligan's Island "New Neighbor Sam"
Gilligan's Island "A Nose By Any Other Name"

Tape 809
Trick or Treat, movie
Pixie and Dixie cartoon "Pistol Packin' Pirate"
Pixie and Dixie "Jinxed Jinx"
Pixie and Dixie "Jiggers—It's Jinx!"

Tape 829
Stop the pigeon!
Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines "Fur Out Furlough," "Wing Dings," "Muttley on the Bounty," "Sappy Birthday"
Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines "Untitled cartoon," "Wing Dings," "What's New Old Bean?" "Operation Anvil"
Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines "The Cuckoo Patrol," "Wing Dings," "The Masked Muttley," "Pest Pilots"
Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines "Plane Talk," "Happy Bird Day," "Super Muttley"
Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines "Untitled cartoon," "The Marvelous Muttdini," "A Plain Shortage of Planes"
Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines "Ceiling Zero Zero"

Tape 864
Journey to the Center of the Earth, movie (old version, not the recent one)

Unnumbered 1
The Eye (original), subtitled, movie
Tomie Replay subbed, movie
Tomie Rebirth subbed, movie
All contain some special features

Unnumbered 2
Some Ju-on special features, subbed
Tomie subbed, movie
Tomie Another Face subbed, movie

Unnumbered 3
The Eye 2 subbed, movie
Making of The Eye 2, subbed

Unnumbered 4
The Others movie

Homemade DVDs

These are NOT commercially released DVDs; I made these discs myself with my DVD recorder. They are all DVD+R discs. Please make sure your DVD player can play this type of disc before you buy any of these.

Discs are $1 each plus postage, depending on how many discs you buy at one time.

Disc 1
I Love Lucy "The Lost Pilot"
I Love Lucy "101 Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub"
I Love Lucy "102 Be a Pal"
I Love Lucy "103 The Diet"

Disc 2
I Love Lucy "104 Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her"
I Love Lucy "105 The Quiz Show"
I Love Lucy "106 The Audition"
I Love Lucy "107 The Seance"
I Love Lucy "108 Men Are Messy"
Flubs and Deleted Scenes

Disc 3
I Love Lucy "109 The Fur Coat"
I Love Lucy "111 Drafted"
I Love Lucy "110 Lucy is Jealous"

Disc 4
I Love Lucy "112 The Adagio"
I Love Lucy "113 The Benefit"
I Love Lucy "114 The Amateur Hour"
I Love Lucy "115 Lucy Plays Cupid"

Disc 5
I Love Lucy "Cuban Pals"
I Love Lucy "The Freezer"
I Love Lucy "Lucy Does a TV Commercial"
I Love Lucy "The Publicity Agent"
Flubs and Extra Footage

Disc 6
The Butterfly Effect Director's Cut, movie

Disc 7
The Lost Room Episodes 1 and 2 "The Key," "The Clock"

Disc 8
The Lost Room Eps 3 and 4 "The Comb," "The Box"

Disc 9
The Lost Room Eps 5 and 6
Inside the Lost Room

Disc 10
Devour, movie

Disc 11
Vampires: Los Muertos Widescreen, movie

Commercial DVDs

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3
Original set of season 3 DVDs in the original box. All discs are included in excellent condition, though they are considered used. $25 including postage.

Promotional DVDs

Into the West, Episode 2: Manifest Destiny. $10 including postage.
Into the West, Episode 3: Dreams and Schemes. $10 including postage.

If any of this stuff sounds keen, please reply to this post or email me privately at :)
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