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For sale - VHS Tapes, DVDs, Books [25 Nov 2009|09:17pm]

[ mood | dirty ]

I'm selling a bunch of VHS Tapes, DVDs, Books, and one lonely little CD. :D Please check it out!

Check it out at this post

V (1980s), Buffy, Supernatural, Children's videos and books, Crafting books, Time-Life books, Movies, Anime, Bon Jovi

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join the club! [08 Sep 2009|08:50pm]


bns_daily | the community devoted to ABC's hit series 'Brothers & Sisters'

Up-to-the-minute news, spoilers and media on anything and everything Brothers & Sisters!

Note: Maintainers: Please do not hesitate to delete this if it is not permitted.

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cool new website with lots of info and buy-sell-trade classifieds [04 Aug 2009|03:59pm]

I think other members would really enjoy this website community. There's no obligation to join, and a lot of really great info available free of charge to members and non-members, alike.

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"The ABC's of Soaps: All You Need For a Career in Daytime TV" book release party!!!! [24 Mar 2009|04:53pm]

I am very pleased to announce that my best-selling book, THE ABC'S OF SOAPS: All You Need for a Career in Daytime TV, is now in its third printing. The book is the only text of its kind that is readily available to both aspiring actors and theatre majors who wish to know all the ins and outs of working in Soaps on Daytime and Primetime Television.

It includes how to interview, audition, and book work as an actor, contract player, writer, and director- all with potentially high six-figure incomes on one or more of the many network daytime TV Dramas. Recognized in the TV industry as "The Manual" on the subject of Daytime TV. Many colleges and universities are now including...THE ABC'S OF SOAPS: All You Need for a Career in Daytime TV as required text for the BFA/MFA Theatre Degree curriculum.

The event includes a reading from the book/ Q&A, followed by a book signing and a special appearance by Ginger Kroll (from "Guiding Light" and the feature film "Notorious")! Please feel free to invite your friends, family, neighbors, whoever!

A short biography of the author (myself) is below:

Gwyn Gilliss, a classically trained theatre actress (Carnegie Mellon and Syracuse Universities) has appeared in over 18 contract and recurring roles on ABC's daytime series, including: All My Children, One Life to Live, Loving and Ryan's Hope, NBC's As the World Turns, and most recently as Edwina Forrester on CBS's Guiding Light.

Come to the event at Drama Bookshop (250 W. 40th St., NYC) on April 10th at 5pm!

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ISO used dvds ;) [27 Feb 2009|04:11pm]


ANyone out there have these dvds for swap or sale =)

The craft
cruel intentions
Toy story?

i have feedback for swapping makeup on makeupalley as ledisxo
and i sell on Mac_cosmetics community on live journal
and im also the Mod on Macsaleswap here on LJ =) 

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Video tapes and DVDs [11 Dec 2008|11:57pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

The following is my current list of videotapes and DVDs I no longer need/want. These tapes were recorded off cable or I traded for them. The picture quality varies. All are NTSC Region 1.

Tapes are $1 each plus postage, depending on how many tapes you buy at one time.

Video Tapes, Discs, Buffy DVDs, Into the WestCollapse )

If any of this stuff sounds keen, please reply to this post or email me privately at sailorhathor@aol.com. :)

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Looking for... [08 May 2007|11:37am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

...an old british sci-fi children's show called "The Gemini Factor"!
I have been searching for this show for years now and I'm getting desperate :{

If anyone knows where I can get a copy, please comment?

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[29 Apr 2007|10:05pm]

i have had nothing but problems with my copy of that '70s show season 1 on dvd. first, disc 4 was missing when i got it, and they wouldn't replace it. so, i had to burn a copy of it and now that disc is not playing anymore. so, i ordered the season from target.com and i'm expecting it any day. once it comes in (and i check to make sure all discs play correctly) i'll have the first three discs from the original season as well as the burned copy of the fourth disc completing the series. so, essentially, i'll have a duplicate copy of that '70s show season 1. so, if anyone is looking for any specific episodes, or if you think you'll have better luck with my fourth disc, i'll certainly be willing to get rid of them. it just stinks that i couldn't buy just the fourth disc, but whatever.

if anyone is interested in acquiring these, shoot me a comment.

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[08 Feb 2007|10:39pm]

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[11 Jan 2007|02:37pm]

I have made over $200 in one month on this site, ya gotta try it! You do offers instead of surveys and its really simple to figure out. I easily made $10.00 doing simple surveys. The payout is real low, and you can either get a check, paypal, or visa gift cards.

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PC to TV [28 Nov 2006|12:14am]

I just recently bought an LCD Television. I want to connect the TV to my computer and use it as a monitor. I tried using an s-video cable but it didn't seem to work. Can anyone tell me how I can accomplish this?

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Research needed. [08 Nov 2006|09:46am]

Hi! I'm in the process of completing my MBA and need some primary research for my thesis. I would appreciate your help by completing a survey on prime-time television viewing in the United States at:


It's basically: Do you watch Show 1? If so, how do you watch it (live broadcast, DVR, computer, etc.)? Show 2, etc. And at the end, questions about any commercials you recall seeing during prime-time.

Please pass the link on to anyone who you know likes to take surveys, watches prime-time television and would be willing to help a poor little grad student like me.

Responses will be kept confidential. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the survey.

Thank you!


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New Etsy listings... [17 Oct 2006|10:41pm]

A new mask, a new collage, at


Go look, go buy!

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Permission to get addicted to Link TV’s world cinema series: CINEMONDO [22 Aug 2006|01:30pm]


So I know you're addicted to television, but how do you feel about amazing foreign and indie films you can watch on your couch instead of in a crowded movie house?
Link TV, a nationwide, noncommercial satellite television network available on DIRECTV channel 375, Dish Network channel 9410 and in cable markets in San Francisco, the greater Washington D.C. area, invites you to put your pajamas and tune in to our world cinema series: CINEMONDO.
Hosted by Peter Scarlet, executive director of Robert DeNiro’s famed Tribeca Film Festival, the series will feature the U.S. premiere of racy and politically-charged films every Saturday — starting August 26 and ending in November 4. 
The lineup isn’t bad either: China’s racy Stolen Life, which details the life of a young girl who is tricked into a heartless baby trafficking machine, South Korea’s The President’s Last Bang, which dramatizes the real life assassination of head of state Park Chung Hee, Iran’s Beautiful City, which offers an examination of Iran’s ancient capital punishment laws with a tender look at retribution, compassion and love and seven other audacious and award-winning films. 
Forget going out to the movies or netflixing something everyone else has already seen, how about staying in and trying something new? There’s a whole world of cinema you’ve been missing out on and it’s time for you to catch up.
To check out Link’s schedule for show times, click here.

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Strangers with Candy [30 Jun 2006|01:23pm]

Amy Sedaris (Jerry Blank from Strangers with Candy) is all about some PETA she did an anti-fur ad with them I guess, and now they are giving away Strangers With Candy Entire Series DVD –autographed by Sedaris. Super sick ass sweet.

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Star Trek collection for sale... [15 May 2006|06:09pm]


My name is Lisa and I am looking to sell a rather large Star Trek collection. I have many of the toys in their original packaging, as well as ships, banks, plates, cards, and a whole slue of other items. If you are interested, looking for anything in particular, please contact me. I would love to get some of my collection into good hands before I move this summer. (Much easier to box and ship than box and move!!)

Thank you for your attention, and if you would like a list of what, exactly, I have for sale, please contact me and I'd be happy to compile. I'd just hate to do all that work if you are not buying at the moment. Again, thank you for your attention and I hope to hear from you soon.


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poll [13 Apr 2006|03:32am]

vote for your favorite!

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[13 Dec 2005|11:18pm]

I have Alf season1, Chappelle Show season 2, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force season 3.

interested? email me: buy_my_stuff21@yahoo.com

Im also looking for Who's the boss? .. please let me know if you have this!! I cant find it anywhere :(

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[01 Dec 2005|06:22pm]

Hello all! I hope this is allowed here, if not feel free to delete.

Just wanted to let the UK fans of Wallace and Gromit know that I have added brand new Wallace and Gromit soft toy collectables on to ebay at a starting price of just 99p! Just under 3 days left so bid now or add to your watch lists!

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[25 Oct 2005|04:19pm]


come on over if you're a trek fan...

(related community trek_fic)

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